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PSICC Contribution

For our services, we use current scientific findings from neuropsychology, the psychology of learning and motivational psychology. We convey knowledge about what motivates people, how feelings affect our behavior, and what conditions and prerequisites are needed for successful change and learning processes.


Our experience shows that a differentiated competence analysis enables the identification of measures for eliminating behavioral blocks and therefore facilitates the discovery of potentials. We use a variety of methods with the aim of making the learning processes fun and motivational, and therefore achieving sustainable successes. The PSI theory provides us with a comprehensive personality theory. For the promotion of self-control skills, we work with the Zurich Resources Model (ZRM) – a self-management training method developed
at the University of Zurich by the psychologists Dr. Maja Storch and Dr. Frank Krause.

ZRM helps synchronize analytical and emotional intelligence. The goal is
maintaining self-congruent behavior, even in difficult or complex situations.
Ultimately, it is a matter of showing people that they can learn to improve their self-control skill with the profiles they have been given, and to make the most out of themselves, for their own benefit and the benefit of their colleagues and the company.