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We are an open network of people who are very enthusiastic about the new possibilities presented by the PSI theory for the pragmatic and sustainable development of people and organizations. Lifelong learning and learning organizations are no longer just catch phrases for a distant future, but are now a reality! Current scientific findings in the field of cerebral science and psychology are now clearly and obviously showing the incredible extent to which humans are able to influence and develop their self-control skills during their lifetime. The PSI theory, with its integrative approach, provides outstanding and practical tools for the discovery and conscious use of this learning and creative adaptation potential. We, as members of the PSI network, are placing the ideas contained in this theory at the core of our work.


There is no doubt that all the societies of our world are currently right in the middle of a powerful revolution, and the effects thereof are noticeable on all levels in increasingly rapid succession. The future cannot be designed to fit the concepts of the past. It requires concepts that are designed to open up the potential for innovative and creative solutions and, at the same time, protect existing resources.


With the PSI  heory, we help people and organizations to find the courage to take this leap into a new paradigm and to implement the discoveries effectively and use them to affect everyday practical behavior.  Current scientific findings confirm that humans are capable of overcoming the challenges in their life, and that sometimes it is merely a matter of finding conscious and predictable access to their own potentials.


We help you establish intelligent access to your potential, and help you find ways to further its meaningful evolvement that can be applied both professionally and privately.


We help people to discover their potential and demonstrate how this control competence can be used to steer organizations and the involved staff members together in the intended direction. We see businesses as  iving systems and not as trivial machines. We know systems that work and can help you to manage in a way that is conducive to successful development, for the benefit of all.


Our approach is based on scientific knowledge, it is clear, direct, humorous, and moves towards establishing a basis of unlimited  ppreciation. As for the practical implementation of the PSI theory, we believe we have an obligation to the high quality of its concepts. We apply the aspects of the PSI theory not only to our work with customers, but also to ourselves.


We give one another mutual support in consciously developing our potentials and can assure the PSI quality by applying our experience to our work using intervention and supervision. We keep our training level up to date and work in cooperation with the PSI theory inventors and other PSI networks.


We accept the responsibility of taking part in the further development of our network and its concepts. We serve the market by closing projects, creating concepts and implementing. We have served customers from industrial businesses, private and public corporations and institutions, and even single individuals.